November 16, 2007

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Bill Dowd photo

Master distiller Chris Morris has been releasing Old Forester's vintage-dated Birthday Bourbons each year since 2002, usually to great acclaim and honors. The whiskey comes from the Brown-Forman stable headquartered in Louisville, KY, that also produces Jack Daniel's, Woodford Reserve and other brown liquors.

Old Forester 2007 Birthday Bourbon: This orange-brown treat has been aged in oak since 1994 and was just released in September on the 161st birthday of George Garvin Brown, founder of Old Forester and the first person to bottle bourbon.

This 94-proof example follows the last few annual releases in that it offers a prominent cinnamon-caramel nose that sets up the taster for even more caramel in the taste, leavened by a bit of vanilla and apple.

A hint of mint also is detectable in the clean but lingering finish. Sampled straight over a couple of ice cubes helps open up both the taste and aroma.

The bourbon is sold in an elegantly squat bottle, with the 750ml product selling for a suggested retail price of $35.

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