November 14, 2007

Argiolas Costamolino

Bill Dowd photo

I sampled this wine, like the Finca La Linda in the previous posting, from the cellar of the Reluctant Panther Inn in Manchester, VT. It's a white varietal that comes from the Sardinian winery owned by Antonio Argiolas and his twin sons, Franco and Giuseppe, who have long been focused on grapes indigenous to the island, located west of Italy, which governs it.

Argiolas 2006 Costamolino: I'm continually on the lookout for wines of character to go with seafood dishes or cheese platters. Too often what is proffered is a very average thing. This product, made from vermentino grapes, will go with both aforementioned items as well as spicy Asian foods and bold salads.

Its greenish-golden color is an eye-catcher, while its rich nose of tropical fruits and honey quickly set up the palate for the tangy acidity that splashes the tongue in a pleasant bath of rich flavors.

Retails for about $13.

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