June 9, 2007

AsomBroso Tequilas

Photo provided

This was a two-person tasting of a trio of tequilas from a California entrepreneur whose Mexican operation is looking to put different twists on a traditional spirit.


This five-year-old (right) is aged in French oak barrels, providing its nose of honey and roses. Spice notes, even a hint of chive blossoms, permeates the middle range. A lingering finish makes this creation resemble a nice cognac.

El Platino:

This 100% blue agave creation is powerfully aromatic, heavy on floral notes, and with a lemon oil finish. A clean, crisp, direct tequila with no frills and no disappointments.

La Rosa:

This is AsomBroso's newest release, aged three months in used Bordeaux wine casks of French oak which give it a pale rosy hew. The maturation is obvious in the powerful nose of honey, butterscotch and vanilla from the interaction with the barrels. Spice notes follow the first burst from the bouquet, and there's a slight, pleasant oiliness to the finish.

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Tequila Novice said...

These sound intriguing. But what's with the bottle shape? Looks a little racy to me!

only the good stuff said...

this is by far one of the best tequilas i have ever tasted.

It mixes well with many coctails and is amaizing by itself