June 10, 2007

Firefly Vodka

Photo provided

New vodkas are popping up all across the U.S., from Maine to Hawaii. Here's a new one from a Southern distiller.

Firefly Vodka:

This mid-priced vodka ($16.99) is a South Carolina product, for the most part. It's flavored with muscadine wine made from grapes grown on Wadmalaw Island, introduced to the vodka at a distillery in Florida. It has a slightly different taste, a bit of a tang from the grapes albeit one that eases the heat many vodkas create.

Retails in the $30 range.

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Anonymous said...

You have to try Firefly sweet tea vodka. Mix with one part sweet tea vodka, two parts water, one part lemonade. Taste just like sweet tea. I love it!

William M. Dowd said...


My latest posting on this product can be found here.