May 17, 2007

Don Eduardo Tequilas

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The two best of the line I tasted during a visit to the Orendain distillery in Tequila, Mexico, were the Reposada and the Silver. Recently, Brown-Forman purchased rights to the recipe and name Don Eduardo and is moving its manufacture to the larger Casa Herradura facility it purchased in January. I consider the pre-sale Don Eduardos the finest tequilas I've ever had. I'll comment on the post-sale versions after they've reached market for a while.

Don Eduardo Reposada:

This silky drink tended toward notes of butterscotch from being aged for several months in oak. It's [articularly good over an ice cube or two that help open it like a fine whiskey.

Don Eduardo Silver:

This triple-distilled liquid is made from estate-grown blue agave, like all tequilas produced by the Orendain family. It has a slight and pleasing floral nose, an oiliness that is very smooth on the tongue and palate, with enough body to linger pleasantly even when sipped over ice. In sum, a superb tequila with many notes to treat the palate.

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