June 4, 2008

Michel Jodoin Calijo

Bill Dowd photo

This cidermaker and microdistillery-- the Cidrerie Michel Jodoin -- was established in Rougemont, Quebec, in 1988.

Michel Jodoin Calijo Brandy de Pommes

The steadily increasing popularity of ciders and other alcoholic apple products, particularly Canadian products, is easy to understand when you sample products such as this.

There is a gentle, almost cognac-like quality to this golden 80-proof nectar born in the Jodoin microdistillery. It is matured in oak casks for "a few years" -- how's that for keeping a secret? -- that helps pull out the characteristics of vanilla, caramel and honey that oak imparts.

Its apple origins aren't immediately obvious in the nose, but it gradually opens up and invites the imbiber to enjoy this brandy as an aperitif or, frankly, for just about any occasion.

The suggested retail price is about $33.

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