April 6, 2008

Bulleit Bourbon

April Dowd photo

The flask-style bottle is eye-catching, the flavor of the amber liquid inside palate-catching, and it's all based on a 175-year-old family history and recipe, according to Hollis Bulleit, daughter of company head Tom Bulleit and the current-generation family rep I recently spoke with at Whisky Fest 2008 in Manhattan.

Bulleit Bourbon

The recipe for this small-batch premium bourbon calls for 28% rye, slightly higher than many competitors', which adds to the dryness and spiciness in both nose and taste, as do the proprietary yeasts and grains. (The company has its own "grain division.")

The final 90 proof expression is the result of at least six years' aging and the usual maturation in charred white oak barrels, but mingles several different distillates. It is pleasantly smoky, with distinct underlying notes of honey and vanilla and a long, clean finish.

Retails in the $25-$35 range.

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1 comment:

Jay from Albany said...

I tried Bulleit Bourbon a while back. Bought the bottle about a year ago with high hopes. Tried it straight, in a Manhattan, and with Coke. Nothing could get rid of the aftertaste except pouring it down the drain.

My new credo: The true measure of a bad bourbon is that when throwing it away makes your eyes water less than drinking it.