March 2, 2008

2005 Hugel Cuvée Les Amours Pinot Blanc

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Alsatian-style wines are growing in popularity worldwide. However, the originals usually are just as good when it comes to value-for-price. This import by Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd. of New York is one such instance.

2005 Hugel Cuvée Les Amours Pinot Blanc

One of many things that stood out when I toured the Alsace region of France several years ago was the longevity of family-owned wineries. This is a prime example. Twelve generations of the Hugel family -- in an unbroken line since 1639 -- have been turning out quality wines.

This is a creamy, dry white with a touch of acid balanced by notes of honey, pear, apple and spices along with the typical mineral quality. It is perfect with Asian, pasta or light seafood dishes.

Retails for about $16.

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