February 28, 2008

Bloomer Creek Reserve White

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Bloomer Creek Vineyards, located in Hector, NY, was founded in 1999 by Kim Engle, a veteran winery manager, and his wife, artist Debra Bermingham, and went into full production in 2004. I tried this wine with an elaborate luncheon prepared by noted Indonesian chef Yono Purnomo, owner of Yono's restaurant in Albany, NY.

• Bloomer Creek Vineyard 2006 Reserve White

This was my first intentional sampling of this product of New York's Finger Lakes region. I say "intentional" because each year I help judge the New York Wine & Food Classic and I had come across this exact wine in blind tastings that resulted in it winning "Best of Class: Blended White Wine" in the 2007 event.

This experience was just as positive. Engle's offering is an Alsatian-style Riesling blend that is at once fruity and pleasantly acidic. In other words, a Riesling that doesn't take itself too seriously but pleases nonetheless.

Kiwi, peach and a touch of pineapple come through in the middle range, and the lingering impression paired well with the Indonesian fare I consumed along with the wine: a boldly-sauced saute├ęd pork tenderloin, spicy shrimp and a noodle dish with chicken, shrimp and vegetables all were beautifully complemented by the wine.

Retails for about $12.

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