March 13, 2010

Van Gogh Blue Vodka

Van Gogh added this triple wheat vodka to its extensive portfolio at an interesting time -- when most competitors are adding flavored vodkas. Not that the Dutch distiller has ignored that. It recently added a├žai-blueberry and double espresso flavors.

Van Gogh Blue Vodka
 Master distiller Tim Vos uses three different European wheats in creating this vodka in small batches at the Royal Dirkzwager distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands. The result? Well, if an uninfused vodka can be said to have layers, this one does.

Vos explains the wheat selections this way:

"In Holland, the wheat is cultivated near the Dutch coast and is, therefore, a bit salty and dry from the maritime influence. The harvest in France comes from the center of the country and possesses a sweeter profile. While in Germany, the wheat is grown inb an area where the water comes from the melted ice of a nearby mountain, providing the grain with a mineral taste."

The words "nuanced" and "creamy" come readily to mind when sipping Van Gogh Blue fresh from the freezer. In short, a pleasing mouthfeel, a velvety middle with no astringency or edgy alcohol, and a crisp finish.

It also held up nicely to a splash of dry vermouth as a martini on the rocks.

Suggested retail price: $29 for the 750ml bottle.

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