January 26, 2010

American Fruits Sour Cherry Liqueur

Bill Dowd photo
The Warwick Vallery Winery & Distillery in Orange County, NY, was the state's first fruit micro-distillery in modern times. At the distillery, it is developing a line of American Fruits-brand ports, brandies and eau de vies.

American Fruits Sour Cherry Liqueur

This clear ruby liqueur has non of the cloying thickness of so many of its ilk. It is a combination of fresh New York Montmorency cherries and their proprietary distilled spirit, a brandy of grapes, cherries and apples.

The first aroma of the finished product fairly screams "Cherry pie!" But, don't be fooled into thinking this is just another overwrought product.

Hints of clove and cinnamon mingle with the aroma of robust cherries, then the palate-clinging yet clean liquid hits the tongue with a complex warmth that trails off into a pleasing aftertaste of crisp fruit.

An excellent cordial, sold at 20% alcohol by volume (40 proof).

Suggested retail price: $14.99 for the 375ml bottle.

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Dan McDonald said...

I am having a hard time trying to find this locally (Albany) do you have any suggestions on where to get this.

William M. Dowd said...

Call its manufacturer, the Warwick Valley Winery, at (845) 258-4858.