April 18, 2009

Villa Antinori Bianco

Villa Antinori is one of my regular house Italian reds, and perhaps the color for which the ancient label is best known. However, the 600-year-old Tuscan winemaker also produces some very nice whites. This is one such.

• Villa Antinori Bianco, Toscana IGT 2008

This is an example of summer in a bottle. A very reasonably priced, spritely, crisp summer.

The Toscana IGY is a blend of four estate-grown grapes -- 70% Trebbiano & Malvasia, and 30% Chardonay Toscano, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio.

The result is a lightly golden color, a floral nose hinting mostly of rose petals and clover blossoms, and a taste of rich grapes and mild melon, apple and pear, with a clean acidity on the finish.

This will pair nicely with grilled chicken or fish, a cheese-and-fruit platter, or even a bold panini.

Suggested retail price: $14.

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