October 28, 2008


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Don't let the name fool you. It's Beam Global Spirits' way of saying "rye one," and it has just been released to the market this month.


This is a punchy rye, packaged in a sleek modern bottle with an edgy title and typography meant to make it stand out in a slowly growing market niche -- American rye whiskies.

A lovely color -- a golden honey with a touch of amber -- attracts the eye, and the nose appeals as well with notes of dried apricots and pepper. Straight, the fruit and pepper remain, abetted by a pleasant heat. Cut with a drop of water and all elements open easily. More honey ventures out, and the finish is long, warm and pleasant.

All told, a fine product that sets the stage for two other expressions Beam promises are in the works for this new product line of Kentucky Straight Ryes.

Suggested retail price: $46-$48 for the 750ml bottle.

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