October 28, 2008

Cointreau Noir

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Cointreau is an iconic French liqueur that consistently rakes in top awards, such as a double gold in this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition. But even a 160-year-old enterprise doesn't continue to prosper by standing still. Thus, this new offering.

Cointreau Noir

Cointreau is a common ingredient in many cocktails, and it has been for generations. Its makers are marketing this new blend of the orange liqueur with Remy Martin Cognac as a less sweet version of the original meant to be sipped straight or over ice rather than become part of a mix.

On the nose, the familiar bright orange Cointreau fragrance comes spilling out of the copper-clad bottle. But the presence of Remy markedly changes the flavor, lightening it considerably and adding that signature warmth that only cognac can. At 40% abv (80 proof), the alcohol level remains the same as the pre-cognac expression.

Suggested retail price: $63.99 for the 750ml bottle.

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