September 1, 2008

Glenmorangie Signet

Bill Dowd photo

There are many interesting characters in the Scotch whisky industry, but Dr. Bill Lumsden's infectious enthusiasms for experimentation with woods and blends sets him apart. I was privileged to get an advance sampling of his newest creation which will be introduced to the market in October.

Glenmorangie Signet

I usually like to build my case for making a "good" or "bad" judgement step by step. I'll dispense with it here to immediately declare that anyone who does not find Signet a brilliant product should have her/his taste buds removed. They're obviously out of order.

Lumsden, head of distilling and whisky creation for Glenmorangie, has been tinkering with this expression for about a decade, according to his associates. He has married barley grown on the Glemorangie land with a chocolate malt as well as maturing various whiskies used in the blending in a variety of woods. Precise ingredients are being kept vague for competitive reasons.

The deeper flavors of tobacco, leather and chocolate are key factors in the richness of taste. But Signet doesn't stop there. I detected fleeting notes of sherry and orange zest in the nose, followed on the palate by pineapple, green apple ... even a bit of honey and maple.

This is a very complex creation. Lumsden uses the word "voluptuous." I concur.

Suggested retail price: $185 for the 750ml bottle.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Having sampled it last night, I expect it will disappear the moment it hits the shelves - act fast to claim your bottles!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen it on the shelves yet in the NYC area?

Scotch Convert said...

I haven't seen it on shelves yet, but I know you can buy it online.

sinomunbun said...

I have tasted it and I want more. I have found my new favorite scotch whisky.

Anonymous said...

I have found it at

Cant wait to try it!!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding stuff! I just picked a bottle up in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Everything from the nose, to the texture, to the finish is just superb.

Corvus Corax said...

I am a long-time Glenmorangie fan, and have a collection that spans a good deal of their range. Signet, however, exceeds them all, including the 25 year old that I have treasured. Signet is ambrosial, and in a class by itself. Sipped, neat, takes whisky to an entirely new level. Words are almost insufficient......

MDMC said...

Just got a bottle for my birthday today. I've been holding out. I've got to say, the complexity was the first thing I noticed. I was baffled really. An hour later I'm still discovering new flavours and aromas. Some moments all I can get it buttery vanilla, the tabacco leaves, then fresh tropical fruit, then camp fire, then spicy fruit cake and on and on. I won't be sharing this with anyone who isn't a whisky lover. It would be wasted on someone who isn't a deep appreciater of whisky. Unimaginably deep and treasureful scotch whisky.

And may your Glenmorangie Signet never run dry,