September 7, 2008

Broquel Torrontes 2007

Bill Dowd photo

This spicy white wine is made from torrontes grapes, a native Argentinian varietal grown at high altitudes, by winemaker Daniel Pi. The Broquel name is a product of the Trapiche winemaking company, the most-exported of all Argentinian wines.

Broquel Torrontes 2007

This is a spicy number from the first sniff to the first hit on the palate. Peppery and floral with a pronounced acidity.

This mix quickly gives way to hints of apple and honey, even touches of cinnamon and thyme. All of these notes and its soft, lush finish make it an ideal seafood accompaniment.

The blend is 95% torrontes and 5% chardonnay, using grapes grown in the Cafayate Valley vineyards.

Suggested retail price: $17 for the 750ml bottle.

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