July 28, 2008

ZYR vodka

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Vodka is, by some accounts, a Russian invention. Others contend it is Polish in origin. At least we know it came from that general part of Europe, and despite all the artisinal vodkas popping up around the globe, Russian vodkas still have a certain cachet.

ZYR Russian Vodka

This product born of Russian wheat and rye grains is made in a method that adds up to 17.

Explanation? Nine filtrations, five distillations and a three-stage taste test to assure quality.

The final result is a creamy, smooth 80-proof premium vodka I have to put up in that rarified atmosphere with the likes of Chopin, from Poland, and lesser-known but superior brands such as Cirrus, from Virginia, and Grand Traverse, from Michigan.

Despite the textbook definition of non-infused vodkas as colorless, odorless and tasteless, ZYR has a vaguely nutty note along with the barest hint of vanilla in the finish. It has such a pleasing lack of burn and such a long finish that I recommend it be tasted neat, chilled or over ice.

The bottle design should stand out on the home or commercial bar -- a tall, sleek, pale blue glass container embossed with the looping, upswept design of the distiller's logo.

Suggested retail price: $32 for the 750ml bottle.

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