November 10, 2007

Thousand Islands white table wine

Bill Dowd photo

This wine comes from the northernmost winery in New York State, an operation that dates only to 2002 when owner Steve Conaway retired from the military and he and wife Erika decided to create a winery on Alexandria Bay in the Thousand islands that string along the U.S./Canadian border. This non-vintage blend was featured at a workshop I co-hosted during the recent annual "Pride of New York Harvest Fest" wine and food extravaganza in Albany, NY.

Wellesley Island White NV:

Since the Thousand Islands Winery decided to label this product with the name of a specific island, one is left to wonder if they plan 999 others.

That aside, Wellesley Island is a blend of Diamond, Catawba and Cayuga White grapes, the first two native to New York and the third created by the Cornell wine grape program.

The aroma and the rush of the first taste are fruit forward, offerings elements of melon and pineapple. This is a wine that should hold up well to seafoods or rich sauces. Retails for a mere $8.99.

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