October 1, 2007

Sobieski Vodka

Bill Dowd photo

The flood of super-premium vodkas hitting the market sparked the introduction of this high-quality, low-priced Polish rye product aiming to undercut the competition.

Sobieski Vodka:

Dankowski rye is one of the crown jewels among Poland's legendary grains, so one would think it would be used only in the high end -- i.e., premium priced -- vodkas. However, Sobieski's aim is to grab a chunk of the vodka market by offering a quality vodka at bargain basement prices.

I purchased a 1.75 liter plastic bottle (suggested retail price $19.99; I paid $3 less than that) and consider it a gem of a find.

Sobieski's distillation process has eliminated the unpleasant heat of most low-priced vodkas, creating a smooth, creamy product that envelops the tongue when tried right out of the freezer. I also tried it with an instant strawberry maceration. In other words, I popped a tiny fall strawberry right from my garden, gave it a few chews and sipped the Sobieski over it. I've found lesser vodkas tend to come out somewhat bitter when I do this, but this particularly mix created what seemed like a weeks-old rested fusion.

Sobieski should have a market winner on its hands.

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Anonymous said...

Sobieski is THE bargain of today! No headaches, no burnt throat, nothng to indicate "cheapness". A most excellent booze, and miles ahead of the Russian stuffm at half the price.

Anonymous said...

No doubt - I've got a new favorite vodka. I don't know how they're selling this stuff so inexpensively, but as far as I'm concerned, it rates with vodkas costing at least twice as much. They've either got a secret formula or the Grey Geese (Gooses?) and Ketel Ones of the world have just been getting rich and laughing all the way to the bank...

Ivan Lite said...

Thanks for the tip. This is an excellent product at a consumer-friendly price. I certainly hope they get their finances straightened out.