October 7, 2007

Aberfeldy 21 Scotch

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Tasting the Aberfeldy line of whiskies is always a treat. And sometimes one's mind can be changed in the process when you're exposed to a particular item for the first time.

Aberfeldy 21 Year old Single Malt Highland Whisky:

I sometimes find the older, pricier single malts are less than they're purported to be. Experience shows the better quality stuff lies somewhere in the middle of the product line. Thus, this 21-year-old was a very pleasant surprise.

The lushness of honey and heather are immediately apparent in the nose, joined by hints of orange, vanilla and a bit of charred oak in the middle tastes. There is a notion of a good liqueur in the fullness of this single malt, which has a long, spicy finish.

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