August 14, 2007

Vino Con Brio

Bill Dowd photo

Vino Con Brio (Italian for "wine with passion") is a boutique winery located in Lodi, CA, that has been operating since 2002 after decades as a grape-grower for other wineries. I tasted two of its eight Lodi Appelation wines during a recent visit there.

2005 Petite Syrah:

This wine earned a gold medal at the prestigious California State Fair. It boasts good acidic balance, solid stone fruit notes, and offers a bold mouthfeel and a silky lingering finish.


This is made exclusively with Sangiovese grapes that provide a full fruit experience. It holds up well to pasta salads, crusty breads slathered with butter, and even vinaigrette-dressed green salads. A fine summer wine.

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