June 14, 2007

Tommy Bahama Rums

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A chance comment by a bartender prompted an impromptu tasting of two styles of this rum at dp: An American Brasserie in Albany, NY. The bartender said she regarded these aged rums as "sweet" ones, but a traveling companion and I felt just the opposite -- that both rums were anything but sweet and had plenty of character.

Tommy Bahama White Sand:

This is a Barbados distilled, blended and bottled rum, a joint effort of Foursquare Rum Distillery and the Sidney Frank Importing Co. It's aged, yet retains a pleasant rough-edged bite that makes it ideal for mixed drinks even though the spice and heat of it certainly makes it an acceptable sipping potion on its own.

Tommy Bahama Golden Sun:

This style has the same origins as White Sand, but its amber color makes you sit up and take notice, and its smooth, spicy style with a bit of the wood nuance invites you to sip it straight or over an ice cube or two.

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