June 24, 2007

S Guaro

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Guaro is the generic name for this sugar-based distilled spirit that is the most popular liquor made in Costa Rica.

•  S Guaro:

This simply-named brand was introduced in the United States last year, imported and distributed by a California company. However, it is made in Costa Rica from pure sugar cane with no additives.

Like vodka in Poland and Russia and tequila in Mexico, the clear, odorless spirit once was the province of the poor drinker. But, fancier bottling and additional filtering have raised both its image and its popularity among tourists.

Guaro tastes more like a vodka than it does anything else, and its distributors recommend it as part of a mixed drink rather than straight. I concur, particular with a fruit juice cocktail or simply over ice with a generous amount of fresh lime juice.

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