March 20, 2007

Toña Beer

Photo provided

This beer is just being introduced to the U.S. market. Toña is a lager brewed by Compania Cervecera de Nicaragua (CCN), made with German yeast and malt, North American hops and Nicaraguan deep-well water. Our four-personal panel tried it along with a field of premimum domestic, foreign and gluten-free beers, so it had its work cut out for it to emerge from the pack.

Toña Cerveza:

Some of the panel's comments: "It's much smoother than the Budweiser, and with a bolder flavor." ... "I'd drink this beer all night." ... "It's very rich and creamy." ... "Plenty of taste but doesn't overdo the carbonation so it goes down easy." And, perhaps the most ringing endorsement of all, "This is easy to evaluate: It's an excellent beer!"

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Anonymous said...

I tasted this beer last year in Costa Rica, turns out the panlatin neighborhood restaurant I frequently go to in Brooklyn carries it but I'm one of the few people who drinks it. I guess the American public doesn't associate Nicaragua w/beer but it is excellent.

Anonymous said...

I was in Nica 4 years ago, and would LOVE to find Tona -- does anybody know if it is available on the East Coast (Maryland) yet?