April 23, 2006

Gala Rouge wines

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These wines were introduced in 2006 by Brown-Forman's Bon Vivant Vineyards in France. They retailed for a mere $9.99 and were accompanied by an unusual, for a French wine, ad campaign that included a non-traditional label designed by Californa painter Jim Salvati, who works with the Disney and Warner Bros. studios on a regular basis.

Pinot Noir:

A fruit-rich wine with berries and woody elements in the nose. Soft tannins help make this a bold yet silky offering with a decent, lingering finish. Enough character to hold up to tomato sauces, grilled meats or woodsy elements such as morels, truffles and the like.


Presents a softly floral nose, then an initial citrus taste that quickly gives way to those floral notes and a touch of pineapple. Slightly astringent finish. Would pair nicely with lightly sauced foods, salads and wide-ranging tapas dishes that present sweet to salty to savory.

Each retails for about $10.

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Anonymous said...

I live in NY City and am having a hard, hard time finding Gala Rouge.

Went on their website for info. re. retailers, but that section does not work either. I tried sending them e-mail, but they are asking me to fill in information about me that has nothing to do with my search for the wine.. too noozzy!

I am ready to buy a case. Are they ready 2 sell w/out extracting my s/s # from me...?

December 29, 2007

William M. Dowd said...

Dear Anonymous:

Try one of these online vendors:

• Jericho Wines
• Grand Wine Cellar
• Black Tie Wine & Spirits